Hearings on the Tenant Act of 2019 Postponed Until June 12th

March 11, 2020

Hearings on the NYS Dept. of State’s Guidance issued in early February in regards to dual agency in the residential rentals and other matters arising from the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 were to begin this week.    However, the Attorney General of NYS has requested a delay in those hearings until June 12th in order to prepare their position in opposition to the petition against that Guidance.   The Guidance issued in early February was challenged in Court and less than one week after the Guidance was issued, and a judge in Albany placed an injunction on implementation of that Guidance until hearings could be held.    Hearings were to begin this week, but will now begin June 12th, 2020.     The Guidance affected the residential rental market, not the commercial rental market.   Stay tuned.